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RageQuit Gaming is comprised of many individuals within the online gaming community. Rage Quit is open to everyone, from the novice, to extreme veterans.  Most of the founding fathers of Rage Quit are also IT junkies and/or IT Professionals.
A place where virtual gamers come and gather to share our best moments in your gaming experience. Share your screenshots and recordings. Feel free to also share your youtube channels if you've posted game play.

Also we do have 2 available Steam groups currently looking for more people and we would appreciate if you were to join our groups.

Last but not least
This group is for those who get a kick out of making people RageQuit, hearing people Rage, if you've ever Raged because of someone else. Also looking for others to join us in our growing gaming community.

Share PC Specs, Gaming Tactics, Game Reviews ect.

We also hope to see you all out in the battle field.

Get Your Frag On!!!

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Counter-Strike: Source Videos

Mainly Amnesia: The Dark Descent Game-Play

Counter-Strike: Source Videos

PC Hardware/Software Reviews and Installations